Top Wedding Ring Designs for Couples in 2018​

Top Wedding Ring Designs for Couples in 2018

We're seeing brides becoming less picky about sticking to one metal color and being comfortable mixing and matching—like with mixed-metal rings. Trends that can be described as "unexpected" for wedding rings represent a shift towards uniqueness and craftsmanship, as opposed to tradition. When you are picking something that is unique to you, that no one else has, or that perhaps you customize to your liking, it will remain a sound ring choice. You’ll never feel like it was tied to a moment in time.


Here’s a compilation of the top 7 wedding ring trends of 2018 that may just be the perfect fit for you and your partner.



1. Name Rings

Wedding rings bind two people together for life, and what better way to celebrate this bond than to see your partner’s name every time you look at your ring?


2. Fingerprint Ring

Your partner is unique, no doubt. But, there’s something more unique than that. Their fingerprints! How about a wedding ring with your partner’s fingerprint? Using the latest engraving technology, you can now engrave your partner’s fingerprint on your wedding/engagement ring and select from a wide range of styles, designs, and metals available to create the perfect love bands.


3. Sound Wave Ring

There’s something about your partner’s voice that makes it so special to you, it makes you feel right at home. Which is why, a ring that captures their sound waves makes for an apt wedding ring. Sound wave rings are becoming increasingly popular all over the world among couples, and you too can engrave your partner’s voice on to your wedding or engagement ring.


4. Matching Heart Ring

The two of you complete each other, and so should your wedding rings. Each ring of the pair has one part of heart and when joined, they make a complete heart. Can it get more romantic than that?


5. ECG Heart-wave Rings

Your loved one’s heartbeat can now always be close to you through your wedding rings. Express your love in a unique and intimate manner, bringing together the hearts that only beat for each other, the bond that is only yours and your partner’s to feel. This is one love band that touches your heart and is timeless.


6. Diamond Rings

Diamonds are famous because of their beautiful appearance and the fact that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. With several unique diamond ring designs available, nothing really says “I love you” quite like those sparkling, precious stones.


7. Platinum Fusion Rings

When it comes to the material the ring is made of, the harder metals are best, because your wedding ring needs to last a lifetime. This is one of the reasons why we love Platinum! Platinum is known for its extreme hardness and its beautiful white color that never fades. Combining platinum with other metals, such as rose gold or yellow gold, or mixing any two compatible and contrasting metals, is a great way to create a unique love band for couples.




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